When Rodolfo and Begona asked that I shoot their wedding in the Canary Islands, I felt honored as I knew it would be a wonderful celebration and a great day to photograph, but it also gave me a chance to get some well needed sun! We spent a few hours travelling around the north coast of Tenerife, discovering some fantastic coastal crannies and super little buildings in various states of disrepair – making for some great photos. I hope you agree. Now, lets fix the date for that wedding!

rodolfo-and-begona-11 rodolfo-and-begona-10 rodolfo-and-begona-4 rodolfo-and-begona-1 rodolfo-and-begona-13 rodolfo-and-begona-12 rodolfo-and-begona-9 rodolfo-and-begona-8 rodolfo-and-begona-7 rodolfo-and-begona-6 rodolfo-and-begona-5 rodolfo-and-begona-3


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