Photographer Joel Davies with his camera

About Joel

My Philosophy as a Worcestershire Wedding Photographer

I believe the old adage ‘the camera doesn’t lie’ still holds true. I value the picture that says this is what took place; something to look back to, something real. Finding an audience for creative endeavour has long been a dream of mine. Back in 1983 I was given a Kodak disc camera. It was like magic. I recorded life around me. I saw with a different eye and I liked what I saw. It began with landscapes but slowly blossomed into a fascination with people and the ability to capture emotions and tell stories through images. The result, I hope, is thoughtful, natural and heartfelt documentary photography. Please browse my galleries and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you if you are considering a family photoshoot or have recently got engaged and are seeking a documentary wedding photographer.