When Rachel and James asked me to photograph their wedding day at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, my excitement was admittedly hard to conceal . As a Stoke Park Wedding Photographer, and a bit of a Bond fan, it’s quite special to capture a wedding at the same place that Sean Connery challenged Goldfinger to a round of golf back in 1964 for a shilling a hole. OK, it’s an historical fact that wont interest everyone. If you fall into that camp, do read on as the real gems lie ahead.

The more accurate reason for such excitement of course, isn’t because its home to the Bond classic, but that the job of any Stoke Park Wedding Photographer is made so much easier as the mansion itself is surrounded by such beautiful grounds. I knew, however, that attention must now turn to creating our very own classic in the form of their wedding photos.

Pulling out all the stops

Confetti cannons, a champagne tower and a beautiful outdoor ceremony on an English summers day made for a fine combination for any keen Stoke Park Wedding Photographer.

Following the ceremony, friends and family enjoyed their cool drinks in the gardens and mingled while enjoying some sunshine. The weather showed no sign of changing so Rachel, James and myself took a little stroll to grab some portraits. They were such a relaxed couple, and having already done our engagement shoot there, we had some ideas about the kind of shots we we were wanted. The only challenge remaining was to avoid being knocked out by golf ball. An essential, and somewhat lesser known skill of the Stoke Park Wedding Photographer.

When is your big day?

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