9th November 2016

Nik and Rachael Engagement Shoot


I love it when I’m asked to shoot the wedding of a couple that live really close to me. That way we can explore one of my favourite little locations, Chiswick House and gardens. I meet Nik and Rachael one evening in late August, and there’a already a keen sense that the summer is on the way out. Leaves on the ground and a people clutching pullovers and jackets ready for when the chill descends. We chose a great evening however, and the sun was frequently popping our from behind the clouds.

Here are some photos from our shoot walking through the park. Hopefully you’ll see why I love this location for engagement shoots.

nik-and-rach-web-2 nik-and-rach-web-8 nik-and-rach-web-7 nik-and-rach-web-6 nik-and-rach-web-5 nik-and-rach-web-4 nik-and-rach-web-3 nik-and-rach-web-1


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